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I’m Hans, a remote developer and tech enthousiast based in the pleasant city of Mechelen, Belgium.

My passion is all about creating elegant and performant applications. Always keeping high standards and implementing that little extra edge everybody likes to see. I am also enthusiastic about (web) security and I am always eager to learn about new technologies.

My remote position allows me to pursue my interest in discovering and experiencing foreign places and cultures. But I’m also very active as a volunteer in local youth organizations.

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iOS & Cloud App Developer

Squirl Inc.

Development of the Squirl iOS application (objective C), the Squirl Author tool (php) and newer products like the maps app (Full Stack).


Hybrid App Developer

Clevertech USA

Development of the AAA Mountain West Group mobile app. Developed with Ionic and Angular.


Head of communication

Soiree Tropicale

Responsible for both online and offline communication for a small festival.


DevOps Specialist


Specialist in developing, integrating and managing Cloud Applications.



VZW De Jeppe

Holding the position of Secretary, organising events and managing official documents.


Groups Leader

Chiro Eppegem

Volunteered as a monitor in the local youth movement of which the last 2 years as the Groups Leader.



Bachelor of Interactive Multimedia Design

Thomas More Mechelen

Specialization in Mobile Development, Webserver Management and Digital Publishing.


Certificate P.A & Live Amplification

Noise Gate Music Centre

Mastering the basics of Sound Techniques and using peripherals.


Higher Lifeguard

Vlaamse Trainersschool

Advanced education in First Aid, Trauma Care and Rescue Techniques.


Over the years I've worked with numerous languages, technologies and frameworks. Both professinally and personally. I've led teams in organizations and worked in a number of different environments, ranging from places where all tasks was well-defined to environments where I had to determine the work scope completely by myself.
I'm always eager to learn about new technologies and programming languages and I'm not afraid to take on a hardware or DIY project once every while too.

I won't try to define my mastery of a language or framework with progress bars and percentages, as I would have to define wath 'full mastery' is. Instead I will list the technologies and programs I am familiar and have experience with.

Mobile Development

Good knowledge of Java (android), Objective-C & Swift (IOS) and Ionic (Hybrid Angular).


With a lot of experience in Laravel but also familiar with other frameworks like CodeIgniter and Somfony.

JavaScript & TypeScript

I've worked with Meteor, Vue.js and Angular, including Express.js and Node.js apps. I also know how to compile with webpack and set up test suites with jest.


I know my way around relational database management systems like MySQL as well as NoSQL databases like MongoDB

WebServer Management

Over the years I've set up and maintained a lot of LEMP and LAMP stacks with a wide range of requirements regarding traffic, security, speed and stablity.


Of course I also have a good knowledge of HTML(5) and CSS(3) and a lot of their 'hacks'.


Good understanding of UX/UI priciples, design patterns and best practices. I know how to work with Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.


I know how to code in Python and started learning GoLang a little while ago.



I'm a Developer so I know how to code stuff. Maybe I can help you out?

Web Developer

I can design, code, deploy and maintain your website. I take care of everything once we agree on a design so you don't need to worry about anything.

App Developer

I'm available for freelance work on App Development. I'm familiar with Native iOS, Android and Hybrid apps.

Brand Identity

If you're looking for your own online brand identity like your personalized email and website I can help you out too.

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Contact Me

Feel free to reach out to me. Also available for coffee or tea.